A conversation about why we come to earth

Veerle asks about the purpose of it all.  She says, “I still don’t understand why we come to earth. If we already know the meaning of unconditional love and truth when we are on the spiritual plane, then how are we the richer for coming to earth and suffering? How is it beneficial to have these “experiences” so that we can “broaden our understanding”? I don’t understand how it helps us to grow when we already are connected to the spirit in all it’s perfection anyway.

Also, do people who reach Nirvana or a similar state actually complete the karmic cycle and only return to earth again if they want to, not because they have an obligation? Could someone that reached nirvana come back as a criminal or a materialistic person?

Thank you very much, I appreciate all that you guys do.

This is a big question.  Firstly, the beginning–of the circle that has no beginning and end which you may have difficulty understanding in a linear domain.  You are a fracture of God, energy, love,  amazing light, a vibrational state that vibrates at…well, a low rate.  So, you enter into the physical domain to start to learn.  With each element of learning that vibration quickens.  Each lifetime it quickens a little more with the amount of choices and growth that you are making to the positive end.  Each choice one makes has a vibrational quota.  A lower choice has a lower vibration.  A higher choice, a higher vibration.  If you seek the highest vibration as the ultimate  goal you may not give a hoot at the beginning.  Truly, most of the criminals and killers are often new souls that do not have a depth of vibration to know what is a better or best choice to make.  But, do not think for one minute that it cannot be an evolved being coming in to create a certain instance of growth for other beings.  That is a very different element of learning or promise.

So, this is why you come back.  Yes, you have a sense that you are connected to the oneness.  There is the ability to choose the highest at any point.  Whether you choose or not is up to your vibrational code, where you be, where you are at.  That is why we can say:  there is both good and bad in your domain and both are good for all creates growth.  For those that do not grow they stay exactly where they are and they just keep repeating it. And we love them just the same for they be where they need to be and they create growth for others as well, so all is not lost.

Nirvana, which is spoken of…. Words are so important in your domain, but, in truth they mean very little; it is actions that show the greatest growth.  Nirvana is a state in that  you assume is perfection.  Let me tell you that even in nirvana there is growth.  The ultimate, ultimate, is to be that oneness again,  is the root of all things.  It is perfecting the perfect and it is happening in your physical world.  There is very much a change at hand.

The question, why should there be pain?  It doesn’t have to always be negative but now in your world all pain is considered a negative, a bad thing.  It is set out to be a teaching tool and it does that.  It does that and it is not always the worst thing to give you.

Sometimes people get stuck here in this plane and don’t move to the light.  Are there entities that choose to stay there and not wishing to incarnate even though they have much growth to do?

Yes, very much what you call a ghost or… there are all sorts of names given to these beings.  They are truly just beings, fractures of energy, that have had lifetimes that do now want to stay.   You have this free will.  It is that amazing silver cord that connects you to the oneness, but it keeps you in this plane of physical learning, and education.  And if you transform from the physical, but you are still in the learning grounds of this domain, you get to choose when to come back, what you have yet to learn.  You get to see the understanding.  But understand the new soul is going to think they have to learn something very different from the very ancient soul. Yet they might choose to come back to do the same thing.

But the learning would be at a different level?

Very different and a very different effect on others.  You stay in that place when you transform from the physical into spirit energy for a period of time.  It is a period of time, not a linear thing, to see the effect of your life on all other beings before you are ready to move forward.   In other words, see the whole sense of your own growth.  Some are not so happy with what they have done and do not want to come forward, in fact, deny any part of this process.  It does not mean so much going to the light as staying in a place where there is no chaos.  It does not mean they are ultimately happy.  They can still be very confused if they are choosing not to grow.  Do you understand?  Choice is involved, willingness is involved..

Is that part of the curriculum for all energies to separate and enter the physical plane or do some energies stay within source?

In order for my energy to speak to you, I must have been in your domain.  There are the ultimate ones that they have experienced all.  As to staying in one or another, it does not become necessary after a certain period of time.  But as to the ultimate goal, I do not even know that yet.  You have spoken with some that do know this.  You would know this.  My time is up.  I have truly enjoyed as I always do speaking with you and your speaking with me.

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  1. Anna June 16, 2011 at 11:46 am - Reply

    Dear Ones,
    I struggle to love in the appropriate direction (towards C, my husband). I yearn for a true, deep, spiritual connection, but cannot seem to get it with him. We are quite different, moving at different vibrations. We do care for each other, of course, and I believe there is yet a promise tying us. But the relationship feels shallow to me, and I do not feel seen and understood. He also yearns for more intimacy in the relationship, but I feel that without the deep love and understanding I need, I am unable to give this to him.

    Also, I find it altogether too easy to love where perhaps I should not. There are a few others very dear to me in this life who I feel I can’t help but to love deeply. This causes me great joy but also great sadness, for I am restricted in my love. There is also guilt, although actions have not been inappropriate.

    Is the problem with me, or with the marriage relationship? What can be done?

    I know I have come with this problem before, but I have not yet understood what I need to learn to move past it yet. Any help and greater perspective you can give will be appreciated. Thank you.

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