This is another excerpt from the Evening with the Spirit Guides.  It’s a conversation with a guide that came through who we recognized as the one who calls himself the Professor in our blog sessions.

Sascha:  The last time I spoke with you, you were talking about DNA and RNA and  I wonder if you would expand on that.

Professor:   You’re all vibration.  That’s what the physical world is, evolving at different rates.  And when you form in to create a body, you must come through a certain series of beings.  You usually pick the parents, which would already have an established DNA and RNA. But your scientists don’t yet know about the vibrational code.  It’s the rate at which your spirit vibrates.  It’s who you be, it’s your rate of vibrating. You all know that when you are with someone who is vibrating really high or really low, how it makes you feel. It affects your very being.

Everything in your physical world can be added up, because all things vibrate at different rates.  But every element of your growth also has a vibrational quotient.  When you choose to do something to the best of your ability, when you make this choice, it quickens your vibration.  You know that this is a good thing for you to do.  You can also take on an action, choose to do something that you know isn’t quite as good as what you could do. Maybe you think: it’ll be easy, I know what I’m doing, and it’s not really pushing me.  That choice doesn’t have the same vibrational worth, so you don’t really move ahead.  So your vibrational code quickens in your body at the rate of the choices you’ve made.

That’s why there is a mess in the physical world because there was a big shift in the world back in the 1960s.  There came a great movement, an awareness, and many middle aged souls grew very quickly.  They made choices in their physical life that allowed them to move ahead quickly.  This usually doesn’t happen in body; usually your soul quickens after you’ve left the physical plane.  But this happened, and so we had this situation where there were a great many that had moved forward, had seen the light, become enlightened.  And now many of them wanted to have no more of the physical world, other than just having some peace and quiet somewhere in a little garden patch.  Well that didn’t work out so well, because now we have all these brand new souls just going willy-nilly, left and right through your world making quite a mess.  They love to be teachers and politicians, they love to tell everybody else what to do and they don’t know how to do things, unfortunately.  So the ancient ones, the ones that had this vibrational growth, that think they’ve done their work and are going:  I just want a quiet little place now.  No.  We need you.  You’ve got to come back.  That’s why beings such as myself are talking through this little young woman and saying these things.  Because it is time.  There is an element right now, quite possible, that could cause such a stopping of growth for many people.

Joanna:   We’ve heard about this before. You spoke about this before.  This is obviously a message that’s very important to the world.  So what do we do?

Professor:   You speak your truth.  You say:  My opinion is….  I believe this.  I choose this.  You speak what is your truth. What is your truth, you might say to yourself.  Where do I belong now?  You know.  No one else knows.  You are the authority on you.  Oh some may think they know who you are, but you know who you are.

You speak it.  You stand in the way.  You step forward.  You may not want to.  You don’t have to go out and fight battles.  It’s not about shooting and killing. It’s about saying your truth.  It would be wrong for ancient beings to take up arms, unless you were being threatened in some way that you had to do it, and even then it would be push for most of you.

Krista:   How do you convince or dissuade those that have no problem taking up arms.

Professor:  By speaking your truth.  There are as many ancient beings as there are very new ones.   Speaking your truth does have weight.  It does have the effect to stop.  It might not happen quickly.  It might take a little more time.  But it does.  Love will always overpower any negativity.

Your physical domain is in a very interesting flow right now.  You’re going to see the rise and fall of many old-time religions; you’re going to see the rise and fall of many of your old political situations.  Political speak is going to change.  You’re going to find that it’s not going to be the large groups any more but the individuals coming together that will have the greater effect, thus the ancient ones.

Joanna:  This is like we saw in Egypt.

Professor:  Did you see something in Egypt?

Joanna:  We saw it on TV.

Professor:   Ah yes, the fight.  And they are happy, but they are not yet ready for their complete understanding.  For there was the chaos of those where choosing to do this against some that were choosing it just to do something violent.  There was a great mix.  You’re seeing a great mix of things.  But yes, great change is at hand.