A conversation about the overturn of souls

Donna asks about something mentioned earlier here about the overturn of souls. She would like to know if this is a period that will last for years or decades, and if it will impact all countries of the world. She asks, “Will this beautiful earth home will ever be encircled with love and peace?”

Where do I begin? Your beautiful earth is encircled with love. As to peace, well, that is part of the love, so is the chaos part of the love. There is nothing but love. This is the form, and the motion and movement in your physical world. Often times that which is manifested in which you may think of negative has great, great growth. So even what you might think is very negative, the seed that grew it is love

So, war for example?

Yes, you can count on the beings’ deep love of something and deep passion to be something. But in their translation of it, through their state of evolution, it creates great harm and great negativity for others. Do you understand what I mean?

Yes, I do. I know that…

There must be both in the physical world.

Because it is a learning place?

Yes, it is a great learning ground. And all beings of passion and great love will find those with great passion and great love that will be very against them and may draw sticks and stones against them. The greater love of course is to allow all humanity their right to be, to love in their form and their way. That is the learning my dear. That is the growth.

So people who envision and want to see the world as a place where everyone can feel fulfilled and balanced…that is never really going to happen?

For people to want this, it is already happening. For it to be, all beings must step back from their own want and allow the want of others, all of it. Will it be in your physical world? I don’t know. If there is a time when this creation is dissolved through either fighting and wars, or through the tempests of many different destructive forces, another will be created.

Another planet, you mean?


I understand that this is part of our evolution is to live in this situation and grow through our experiences. What is this overturn of souls that the guides refer to so often?

It is a time in physical domain only, where there is a great number of very young, brand new sparks of energy. New souls (new sparks broken off from the great, great mother energy) searching, seeking and vibrating at such a rate, unevolved, without depth, but great energy. And at the same time, there is a great number of very evolved beings, their energies having experienced many physical lifetimes, rich and deep with depth of compassion and love with knowing about not wanting to allow any other to disturb another’s path. About knowing the truth about love, their truth about being. And there are very, very few in between.

There was a great rush to evolve in your plane. Yes, in your amazing sixties they called it. Where they discovered that it was more important to love than to fight. And many new beings and middle-aged beings at that time moved quickly ahead, raced forward in their evolution. They experienced all sorts of dramatic things, not only physically, but by doing things they achieved great highs and knowing about, well, nirvana, utopia, OM. They moved quickly into the realm of ancient beings and thus set down the need to teach, set down the need to help others seek to find. They no longer wanted to be the teacher, they no longer want to instruct, or lead. They wanted to be.

To be, is the greatest state in your physical world. To honour all that is arrived, to allow each being to flourish, to grow. Well, that would be good if all received this at once. But, there are many new beings that did not receive this. So what is created is a a vacuum in the middle? Not so much a vacuum, but a great open ground to allow many brand new souls to have huge controls over many others. And they are not in the greatest position to be teachers. They are exuberant and full of their ideas, but their ideas are often very much against the harmony of a great number.

They are against the harmony and allowing the growth of each individual. They are often beings that want everyone to be exactly the same as them–the same colour, the same religion, the same creed, everything. And this is not harmonious. Thus, there is a need to call the ancient ones as many of us have been doing, the very evolved beings that moved very quickly (that thought they did all their growing) to come forward. We have been asking them to come back. Come back and be the teacher. I know you are old and tired. Come back, we need you. That is the overturn of souls.

This time now when….?

It is happening now. How long will it take? It is up to that which is. As long as necessary.

Well, I know that Barak Obama was not around in the sixties, he is younger, but I see him as an old soul who has stepped forward.

There have many old souls who have been called to return to the earth to help in this time. That is why you will see children who are very wise and wonderful. But also there has been an influx of great numbers of new ones, which you know has occurred in the population of your Earth. Still though there are still ancient ones returning and they are more instrumental in calling forward the ones who have evolved on the dimension than those of us can achieve. Because they see the light in these eyes of these new ones and know that there is a kindred soul.

It is an amazing time and in many ways, to some, it may be a frightening time if you need to find fear. When we speak that something is at hand, we mean that action is needed. You have it in your hands. But if you can find trust–if you can open your hand instead of close it, if you can hear instead of speak, you will see the wonder that is at hand.

It is your individual actions now that will affect your world, each one of you. Not en mass, not one group against another, each of you. But each of you must dissolve your limitations, your borders. Dissolve anything that confines you from being close to others. You all have evolved to a time of consciousness where you are one with that.

It is the time to bring all beings, one with each other, in body, in dimension. There will always be new souls learning and growing, but they will not be clashing the way they are right now. Your society is growing and they are coming forward and they have heard the call. Many of you are part of this process.

Thank you for this help.

Thank you for being in the middle of it.

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