A conversation about solar flares and personal responsibility

SW asks:

Is there an influence on life forms and human beings during increased solar flare activity? How do these surges impact human beings physically or energetically? I am not referring to telecommunications disruptions. I was wondering more about electromagnetic cellular influence. Thank you for your insight on this topic.

The guide’s response:

Solar flares are a very natural phenomenon.  But it just happens that this is all coinciding with many things, as you have seen.  I could give you a formula;  I could give numbers. There are those that would give you letters or there are those that would give you stones, lumps on your head, or lines on your feet, or wrinkles on your toes.

What is it all about?  It is time.  But not the time that you think that is ticking away.  It is not about time that you struggle against in a linear world.  It is about that this is the opportunity for the great creation of the new history.  Why is it that all things, vibrationally are all in upheaval and shifted and moving?  It is because this entire dimension needs it right now.   So, all is answering it.  Did this chaos create solar flares?  Somewhat.  Did solar flares create chaos?  Somewhat. It is all coming together.

So, it is the manifestation of our need to shift?

Yes, to embrace your own growth, your own responsibility.  It is no longer acceptable to have an excuse or a ticket out of class.  It is time to be, to see, to stand for what you are, your truth.  You have been hearing it over and over to speak your truth, seek your truth, find that that you be. Radiate that that you be.  And you might think that is what I am doing.  But very often if you truly stand back and look at your path you might realize, hopefully, hopefully, for there is always hope, that you will go oh, I see and now I shall be.

An amazing time.  You know that I have already said to you and explained that the past histories are no longer going to teach the future because everybody has a new slant on it.  There is no truth any more in any of it.  There are so many theories, so many conditions, so many translations, so many transformations that none of it really speaks of what it was at that time.    So hopefully, again, I use the word, you don’t have to have world wide destruction.  But of course there is that opportunity if needed.

But I believe in the power of the great evolved ones that are present in your world right now.

Okay, so what do we do?

In every choice you have, be at the highest. No more excuses.  No more well, I will go maybe half way.

That is a high degree of accountability.  There are risks in that, isn’t there?

Absolutely!  But for who, for you.

How do you know it is the highest?

Your heart knows.  The element of your heart, the vibrational code which is so concentrated in the actual muscle of the heart.  This opening is just above where you connect to your mother.  It is where truly where the spirit comes in first and it enters into this amazing…and then it travels up to the mind.   You have it all backwards in your world right now.  You think that the mind, the conscious and subconscious is the big control.  It is actually the heart because it never lies.  It cannot.  It does not have all those filters and excuses that the gray matter picks up.  It doesn’t need them.  It doesn’t want to.  You know, it is one thing that when it stops, you can no longer stay in the physical body.  When it says time up, we are travelling on, that is what stops.

Solar flares affect everyone.  You are going to see erratic behaviour in some of the most intellectual people and in some of the most un-intellectual people.  But just, oh, what were Jane’s words, “this too shall pass.”

So we just walk one step in front of the other trying to be the best that we can be?

This is not a burden, this is actually a release.  It is actually joyful if you can just put down all of the not important  things in each choice. And think about how many there are in a single passing of a day.  Before you do them, focus the highest.

When you make a choice that is compromised, that discomfort is felt so quickly.

You will know it even before it is out of your mouth.  You will feel it in your chest.  Your heart will say, ugh, we are skating here.

And then we spend all of our time justifying it.

Yes, and isn’t that an exhausting amount of energy?  You could have just spoken your truth and released it.  You might even feel some discomfort to that but it will not last as long.

Well, you know I was into numbers and I didn’t realize it was my energy I put into the numbers. Remember what you put your energy into.  Make sure it has growth.  I am with you all, next time we will talk about the molten centre.

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