A conversation about hearing your inner voice

For the Teaching for May here is a conversation with a very high guide about how to connect with your teacher within. As always, the guide’s words are in grey and our words are in blue.

Your conversation is very enlightening. It creates great openings, like beautiful clear pages in a book.  How to be, why to be?  What is it to be?

That’s everybody’s question isn’t it?

Yes, if they take time to hear their voice.

Could you talk about how we take time to hear our voice.?  So often we get caught up in our busy lives and I think we could use some help in that.

Perhaps it’s because you concentrate on hearing the sound of your voices and the sound of your voice.  Your true voice doesn’t sound like the vibrations that come form your vocal cords.  Your true voice is a vibrational hum that comes from the center of your being, from your spirit, and it works its way through the very cells of your body, giving sensation, form, thought.  It is why you often have a sense that it has no words, because it has not come through the conscious understanding to formulate words.

Your true voice will scream stop when you know you must not proceed. Your true voice will say:  I need to cry.  And you may not understand why.  Seek not the sound of a voice but the  sense of a being.

So how to hear your voice?  Use not your ears, but your whole body.  Feel the sensations that have long developed, a tingling, a knowing.  To feel it you must be still or find a place of great comfort where there are very few external irritations.  No loud sounds or irritating motions.  Find yourself in a quiet state of peace and perhaps offer a thought from your conscious mind but have the answer come from our body.  And in time you will find that your body is the most amazing speaker.  Your hands may tingle, your skin may feel cold or hot, it will speak to you and you will develop a form of language without the conscious speaking.  And then you will know your truth.  You will ask yourself:  do these words feel true to me?  And then you will listen.  Is here   heaviness in the center of your ribcage?  Is there a quickening in your heart, a pulse in your neck.  Is there heaviness in your pelvis, an itching of the feet, a tingling of the fingertips? You instinctively know what they mean for that time and place. For it happened a long time ago–at birth.  When the lips of your body first felt the warmth of food and touch, from the mother that gave life.

And so you develop this form of communication.  Unfortunately in society’s rush to evolve (what they consider evolution) this language has been lost.  But it is very much needed.  And the process is received.

Does that help you my dear?

Yes, very helpful.  I just wonder about pain.  Is that also the body telling you something?

After you have not listened for a very long time, yes, it will do whatever is necessary to get the attention of the being.  But that usually occurs after many other signals have been ignored.  Those of you who are just beginning this process, do not believe that your first communication must be through pain. But it can result from the lack of listening.

To be one sound, do we need to emit that from ourselves or is that an internal voice?

You can, if you wish.   Many chants are these very sounds, each pertaining to a different level of evolution.  But you needn’t for there is quite a world of noise within a being. I say the word noise because that is a notion you can understand, for there are vibrations some auditory, some that you ear never hears but your soul emits.  Each of you has a rhythm, a beat, a pulse.  You are an amazing group of energies.  You think the conscious mind is the captain of the ship; truly it is the foghorn of the ship.  But that that knows the direction it must take is deep within the heart chakra.  There lies communication to all parts of your beautiful ship.

You mentioned hot and cold and this made me wonder about hot flashes.  Is that anything to do with spirit talking?

Yes.  Yes–and an eternal battle ensues, and a need to release and embrace a change in vibrational state.  The female form undergoes many vibrational changes.  It has a very elastic energy.  It wants to snap back to the old ways, so it tugs back and forth for some time against its own very wondrous growth.  You definitely heighten your vibrational when you release the grounding, or the burden of hormonal effects on the body.  These hormones are presented in the body to ground, to reproduce.  It’s very much a part of the physical.  When this is no longer necessary in the body, it releases the grounding and heightens the vibrations.  And thus you have your own internal willing and unwilling—back and forth.  Embrace change, the growth, the wonder of all vibrational changes.

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