A clarification on the concept of karma and promises

 Sayloe writes:

Hello, I’m curious as to how I came into a life with no Karma attached to this current incarnation. And how would a soul promise differ from karma. Thank you I look forward to your reply.

The guide’s response:

Karma is the ancient understanding of promises.  The ancient understanding is from a book that was written to set up rules and rituals and ways to be and rules to follow.  Thinking of this instead as “promises” unleashes one from rituals and books.

The word “promises” helps you to understand that is it yours and yours alone—to learn, to grow, to choose.  A promise is made by you, to yourself.  Sometimes it can involve another being, but ultimately it is you to yourself.

These promises are usually made in the time of learning (that is a vibrational state between lifetimes, still very connected to the physical, not yet in the dimension of total spirit, but part of the oneness).  The promises are made in this time of great clarity where you can observe all effects you have had on your path, on your life, on your energy.  Through the balancing of promises (or tasks of learning) with others, with yourself, using the physical world as your classroom.

It is not a debt; it is an element of learning—a promise, through love, to take on every aspect of human existence, the receiving, the letting go, the blessings of being physical, the wonder of spirit.  It’s the learning of how to love, how to hate and how to bring the two to one.  It’s the balancing of both positive and negative through every experience—to come to centre at a place of wholeness.

That is what a promise is, my dear.

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