These words came through the other day from a new guide, one we hadn’t spoken to before.  From her accent it was clear she was a woman  from the deep south, perhaps a slave from the plantation era.  Here’s our conversation.

Guide:  Hello.  My, my!, I’ve been around all of you for such a long time, I don’t believe I used this way to communicate for a long time.

How wonderful to talk to you!  What can you tell us about what we were talking about earlier?

Which things sweetie?  There are so many, honey child.   You must choose.

Well, let’s talk about finances.  It is such an issue for so many people.

Whether it be coins you have or slaves you own, it has very little to do with the true spirit of growth. You see, each element, each choice you make, you cannot put a price on it or understand its true value.  It has very little to do with the monetary needs in your world.  You have made it into a god, unfortunately, where it need not be so.

I remember the most precious times that had nothing to do with money.  In fact, those that had a lot of money seemed rather negative to me.  I believe it is still this way in your world.  They focus on something that has no pulse, no heartbeat.  It was used in exchange at one time beads, bones, slaves.  You are all now grabbing for a piece of the pie that does not even exist.  You are seeking something that needs to be filled a space within you that has nothing to do with a piece of metal or a piece of paper.

Remember, to each moment of your lives, truly see what the growth is about.  If in that moment there is a need for a certain financial aid then ask for it and it shall be given. Truly, it is your time, it really has nothing to do about spiritual growth.  We just want you to stay on your path and keep going.  And those that play against and those that wear it like a cloak of warmth will find they themselves needing to do a great deal of growing. The cloak will blow away in the wind.

The physical world is an amazing, amazing place. I loved food, I remember that well.  I was a fine scrub woman. Scrubbed and found joy.  I would sing while I was scrubbing.  There is something very peaceful about bringing something to its shiniest best.  I worried not how it got to that situation the day before me; I was going to make it very shiny. You could use that for any element of your growth.  I needn’t take up your time blessed ones.

Honey child I just adore all of you.  The thanks, the love as you sit upon your chairs and hold your loved ones to your bosom and sing from your heart: this is true growth.