A challenge to write and speak and not judge what comes

SWIM  writes:

I know I could have done so much more with my life. There isn’t any excuse for all the years I’ve wasted. I am so full of questions but limited to asking just one. You know the roads I’ve taken and the struggles I walk into with my eyes open. I just want you to tell me whatever it is about me that you feel is the most important for me to hear.  I accept complete responsibility for my life; no one to blame but myself so just let me have it.  Thanks in advance.

The guide’s reply:

Blessed one, you are way too hard on yourself.  It is true that you think you have taken choices that were not nearly enough to challenge yourself. But you have learned, you have grown and you have watched those around you grow, change and move forward–and this gave you a great understanding.  You are frustrated with yourself because you know you are very wise and you do need to write, dearest, but I am not going to add to the guilt that you already carry upon yourself.  Nothing has been wasted, nothing lost–a life full of seeing and being and witnessing.  Dance in the light of your own wisdom. I am not about to cause you any pain, dearest, but I do want to say to you: love yourself, free up yourself.  Stop judging yourself so harshly.  And you need to write, and write and write and speak and not judge it.  The artist in you is so judgmental.  Free yourself from that and be.  Be not the one who reads it, be the one who writes it.  Be the one who sees it and has seen and has grown by watching, because you have great wisdom within.  You are not afraid of yourself.  Love yourself.

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