A being will take their own life when they feel there are no other choices

P1030656Blue Violet:  

I am asking for a dear friend S. He would like to know if his old friend is OK? Why he did it? Also is there anything you can tell him that will give him peace about his dear buddy and his choices and alleviate his anguish about how this all came to be. Many thanks and love.


A being will take their life sometimes when they feel there are no other choices. It doesn’t really help their growth a lot. Most times they have to start all over and do the whole thing again, each part as well, even to the state of depression or loss.  Certainly it was his own choice. No one to blame. It’s no one else’s fault. Your friend must know that.

This being is now very much more… well you have an understanding of being at peace and its not like sitting around having hot chocolate and a wonderful time; it’s about just taking off the burden for a while. And that’s what he’s done. But now he feels great sorrow for the pain he has caused in others.  Know that he is sorry for this.  And shall continue.

He shall continue?

Shall continue to grow.  

His friends feel responsible and think it could have been any of them.

That’s just their age talking to them. They are just seeing the reality of how quickly a life can leave and what a hole is left there. That any of them could have had these problems and do this. And why? And why couldn’t they have talked him out of it. Well that’s just their minds trying to make peace with the pain they have in their bodies for their loss.

May I ask if he went through a lot of pain?

Yes he did. Pain has a purpose. I know you might not understand it completely. You all see pain as a great negative, but it has a purpose. It teaches a great deal, it opens, it allows one to grow.  Even at a time like that.

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