Promises and meditation

Robbie asks if he has any promises or agreements to keep? He says “I have great interest in meditation and i would like to take it further, maybe go out on my own and go into deep meditation and work at achieving desirelessness. I can see that when you are alone it can be hard but it can also be joyful and there is great growth but would i not be avoiding relationships and taking the easy route? I have to calm the mind, it wont leave me alone! I appreciate all your help.
Dearest one, if I told you what your promises are, it would take from your growth and that would be a very, well, unusual thing for me to do.  And then you would not fully grow and succeed in that that you need to do.  I would never do this.  But of course you have promises.  You say take the “easiest route” but dearest, yours is not the easiest route. You often look upon others as having the perfect life.  You think of yours as alright, but as missing something.  Each being that you meet on your path is important.  But when you meet the one that you have a definite promise with it will be as if you go into automatic pilot.  And you will find yourself deeply entrenched in it without much thought.

Dearest, you will find that very wonderful being.  Do not worry if some seem will seem not so important. Cherish this time as important for all who are growing–not just for you but for them. You are an evolved being, seeking, willing, wanting.  There is a time coming when you will laugh that you thought you didn’t know about what your promises were.  For in fact, there is a part of you that has always known what your promises are.  You will be drawn to work with people.  No, I am not telling you what they are.  Trust.  In fact my dear, you have quite a few.  Is meditation good for this person?Yes.  Meditation is good for all beings.  But do not feel that it must be in only one form or another.  But beautiful walks in a lovely place can be a meditation.  A moment alone standing under a waterfall or a shower, or a lovely tub of water can be a meditation.  A moment to daydream, a meditation, positive words for someone else, a physical meditation.  Every act can be thus.  But what you are referring to is time taken away from the physical world to set in process prayer or positive thoughts.  All is good.

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