Elizabeth asks about her fear of speaking in public.  She says, “I”m working on letting my fear go, breathing like you said, and it’s working. But I’m scared of speaking and it’s affecting my job. I just freeze. Why do I have such fear of speaking? How can I get over this?

Yes, dear one.  Your fear lies within your vibration.  It actually comes from previous existence. The words that you spoke in a past existence  caused great destruction for you.  And so it is not surprising that you might, at certain times feel that a key has opened up this past existence.  You probably know, my dear that you’ve been having some thoughts that don’t even belong on this path.  They are from that lifetime.

And so, how to heal it.  The way to do this in the present is by healing the feelings.  By asking yourself, why does my heart race so when I am about to use my vocal chords?  Speak to your heart, breathe deep, calm your thoughts.  Actually, I think would really wonderful for you to use laughter at a time like this, for the very act of laughter gives the nerves a little extra energy to relax.  Talk about your fear of speaking. This can be a wonderful tool because you are not alone.  Many beings feel that they are so judged, or watched when their words come forth. In truth, beings are more worried about their own words and not yours so much, my dear.  So, to address this, stand and practice.  Practice all the time.  And give your words sound in the quiet of your own time and love them.  You have a lovely voice.  Your truth is good, my child.  Do not fear it.  And know that what you fear is in the past and it shall never happen again.  Be in peace dear.