Fear of gaining weight

MP went on a diet last year and lost a lot of weight. She says, “It’s been a year, and I have gained a third of it back. I’m struggling with keeping the weight off. I’m exercising, and eating healthier overall, which is positive. What do I need to do to free myself of this struggle in order to live a healthier life, at a healthier weight, and feel good about my body.”

Dearest one, your focus is on the fear of gaining weight. So you are unconsciously telling yourself you must gain weight for this state of being to continue. Release this fear. Surrender to the fact that you are a beautiful being. Embrace that that you are and you will stop focusing on that that you eat, or do–and just simply revel in the joy of being. You are truly an amazing being and you have achieved much success, but it does not need to be this great weight upon you. Dance, laugh, find joy. Eat that that is nourishment for your being. Read that that is nourishing your brain. Listen to that that lifts your soul and you will find a balance, dear one. You have many beings that speak that what you resist, persists. You are conveying something to the universe that you truly don’t want. You want to find balance and joy and not have to worry. For worry is not your choice. Dance my child. You are the end of the rainbow.

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