You have the capacity to love all

Two menHello Circles, I would like to ask how coming out to the world as to who I am sexually would effect my anxiety levels, my mental health and my everyday life.  I’ve been in fear for so long about expressing my true self that I feel like a fraud.  Thank you for your guidance at this time.

Blessed, blessed one, you are never a fraud.  You’ve had a very, what should I call it, not so much difficulty but a heavy load in this life you have chosen.

So very sensitive, so very aware.  You have lived many lifetimes.  You have the capacity to love all of mankind, male or female.  I’m not surprised that you’ve had a feeling of unsure as to how you should be in your world.  This world you have stepped into has so many rules and regulations which really has nothing to do with you.

Ancient one, you have come from times where many things are much more acceptable then they are now.  It is the overturn of souls. They are busy drawing lines and making rules.

You  have come to teach, to speak that all lines must be erased and all beings accepted.

“Coming out” is an interesting saying in your world. You have not been hiding it, it is just they have never seen you and that is how you feel.  No one sees you for who you really are and yet you have taken great pain and time to see who they are, who they be and unfortunately, then judged that they would not be accepting of you.

Well, let me say that the first step you need to do is to accept who you are and then it matters not what they feel or say.  It is your own fear of who you be and how you be that causes this limitation.

You need to write. You need to express not only in words, but in art form.  Creatures of such evolution as you, when they come to the physical world it is almost as if they are not awaken until a certain age.  With the first passing of time has to be done with an insensitive being,  for the being is so sensitive.  But when you awake as you are doing so now,  it can be tolerated.  Love them for they know not what they do.  Yes, in that way, my dear.

And so, my dear, when you ask this question there will be those that say they already knew.  There will be those that will say for I don’t know how to be with you anymore and they must do their work.  And there will be those that will say no matter what, I love you for who you are.

There is a part of you that likes to make a big splash, a deep noise about things. For often in that big “ta da” there is a scattering of energies and not so much is placed upon you.  I believe that comes from a lifetime where you were the most amazing actor.  You might even chuckle at that you still think you are playing the part of different roles.  So be it, my dear.  So be it.

Worry not.  Be that that you are, a radiant beautiful being who loves all whether they wish to be in your life or not.  Love them completely, wholly and unconditionally as you love yourself.

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