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Mary – I have decided to stay living where I am, as a lot of stress has let up after my (roommate)moved out. Hoping I will not stall my growth. I am really trying to be discerning with the energies I am around and sometimes question if I am being judgemental. Will I ever again have an intimate relationship with another human. Does becoming conscious have to hurt? Any insight on my very crazy vivid dreams I have been having for weeks.  Thank you to all the kind people that make this service available.

Dreams are a manifestation of certain elements that you need to re-examine in the days passing.  You first create a dream.  Your conscious mind, the creator, no matter what being, or what position you find yourself in, you created it to tell you something.  Remember that.  This is not the same thing as a visitation at the very beginning of a night, or just before the awakening.  Those are not dreams.  Those are transmissions and receptors.

You say you have chosen to stay, but your heart has chosen to leave for you are in a struggle between your heart and your mind.  And this friction will cause you an inability to speak either from your heart, or your head  and even cause you sore throat, blessed one.   Why does growth hurt?  It is often perceived in the manifestation of the growth that the physical domain will contain pain.  And truthfully, pain and growth of the heart will cause the most pain, more so than a cut.  But the pain can be released with the wonder of the willingness to grow, to feel it; that you are willing to accept it, to embrace it, will allow you to move on.   And your willingness to feel it will allow you to embrace a new love in your life that you will have, my dearest.

You might not understand this right now, but that love is not complete yet until you are willing to let it go.  To stop replaying the memories, to stop rubbing the salt in the wound over and over by that of what you should have said, or should have done.  Embrace that it is complete and move forward and then you will experience new love, new wonder.  And, don’t be angry with yourself if you do move.  It is a wonderful thing to do.


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