How to help an old cat

Funtastick writes:

My cat Brownie, the doctor says he has kidney insufficiency. I suffered greatly with my other cat who passed from this. I cry when I think of losing him and having to go through that circumstance again. Is there a way to cure his kidney problem or at least keep it from progressing? What is the best way for me to help him? Different food? Vitamins? Distilled water? I love him so much, and I want him to be content and no suffering or feeling bad. How will I know when is the right time to release him? This hurts. Please help me with this.

If you could also comment please, I have been working on a slideshow about democracy that I want to publish for the world to see. Can you tell me how you see this effort? Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Dearest, dearest one, fear not.  This blessed being draws all of your energy.  And if you are in fear and anxiety, this little one will feel that.  So just love, love.

The action of petting and stroking of a creature is very  soothing and very healing for the creature and  for yourself.  This blessed one is just simply about love.  Choose when and how if you desire but this action may be taken away from your decision.  There is no pain. These blessed creatures, when they have kidney failure, simply dream and drift.  It is nothing to fear.  Life is not to be fought against and resisted, but embraced.  So just be, blessed one.

You ask as well about something you are creating to speak to your world. So, be prepared.  Every time you speak in your world there is an answer back and not always an answer you might expect.  In time you will have a great deal of political work around you.  You can be a voice in your world.  Pursue all manner of this for it helps you and you have a certain amount of power that will help in time.  Bless you my child.  Bless you by not being affected by the naysayers.  Trust in that that you know is right and speak with your whole heart, not just your voice.

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