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BJ – I really need some clarity in my life and hope desperately that you are able to give some insight as to the confusion I am feeling. I travel each year to be with my family at Christmas, to enjoy my beautiful grandaughter who I love unconditionally and who shows her love towards me in the same way. Why is it that I feel so uncomfortable in the presence of my son and his wife in their home? Am I creating this discomfort by feeling that they would prefer me not to be here? I seem to feel this way with each visit. Staying away is not an option for me, I am part of this family and my grand children are an important part of my life.

I was on an extremely positive path before the holidays and suddenly feel that I am at a crossroad not knowing where I’m heading. It seems like everything is slipping away from me, including the man I would like to have in my life. Could you perhaps give me a hint that there could be a future with him? I feel that there is!  As always, thank you for your guidance.

You are a most perfect being.  You seek to have that deep companionship.  You have for a very long time have felt unsure.  This is not new, but you are only now starting to understand.  Take time for you.  You have been very busy from hopping from one lily pad to another.  Not to say you have kissed many frogs looking for a prince.  But, dearest one, you have performed many actions in hoping that this one be a prince.  You are a brilliant being. Stop all manner and actions and be for some time.  Just be.  It is often believed in your physical world that a partner makes you whole. This is not so, my dearest.  You are whole.  You must understand for when you enter into a relationship with another you create another energy, the two hopefully in whole, create another energy, a bond between the two.  You have known that this did not exist and have worked overtime and extended your energies beyond. Be, my child and you will be whole and balanced.   You do not need him, you know.


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