Tina – First of all, I appreciate you all gifting us with a free question, how wonderful! The  last 3 1/2 years has been very emotional for me. I have felt uprooted and moved around a lot since the deaths of my mom and my cats, to whom I felt close to. I have tried to follow my inner guidance to the many different directions I have taken, including traveling and work choices but am feeling frustrated at myself for not being able to settle down in one place and career. I want to travel yet be able to make a home for myself but worry that I am not financially able to do both.

I wonder to if I will ever feel fulfilled, that my feeling that there is something missing will heal. I grew up within a family that valued the different spiritual and metaphysical subjects, so at times even though I know what I
know, I have a difficult time coping. It seems lately that when a life-changing event occurs within my circle, I am challenged to deal with the issue 2,3,4 times over within a short time frame. For example, within a month, my mom and one of my cats passed away, and my dad had 2 major heart attacks, almost resulting in his death. Am I doing fine, will I find my way, whatever and wherever that may be? Part of my seeking guidance from you is for some reassurance and peace. Thank you for listening with open hearts and love. 

Why does it all come at once?  I know of this little one. I speak to your spirit.  You feel battle scarred from your life’s path at this time, as if almost numb.  I’m not surprised you don’t know where to go or how to be.  What to do in those situations when you just feel numb?  The body, this great receiver you created to dwell in the physical is telling you to be still, allow it all to be felt, to be seen, to be heard.

Don’t fight against the pain, embrace it.  Embrace the fear of losing anyone else for that is most what you fear now.  You placed yourself in a state of no-growth?  Somewhat, but I don’t believe you want to stay there.  But you fear moving forward and so you will block where you should be or how you should go.  So address this fear. Address the pain of loss and the fear of losing again. Are you in limbo?  No, not really.  Walk in nature. See how the balance of the cycles and the circles within the circles are of the continuum.  Know that there is a natural balance that you will find peace within.

There are many things early in your life that you wanted to do that you can now do.  You will decide if you should do.  You will take up the ability to write the verse. You were always attracted to it even in the very early life.  Sometimes formulating a sing song around is the stillness you feel and will help you open the door.

No magic, only the magic of who you can pull forward from that that lies within you.  Take your time and trust that there is a purpose and you shall move forward my dear.  You will know that
there is anyplace in the world you can be if you are balanced and whole.