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I am confused about my relationship. I have been under a lot of stress recently and my boyfriend has decided to take a break and go south for 5 months or so. I am in a better position to see where this relationship is going and will not have a chance to explore it as he will be away. Do I put myself out there and see other men and explore or do I wait for him to return. Will he be seeking other relationships?  Is this “if it is meant to be it will be” scenarios or will time apart put us with other relationships that are better for us?


Dear one, you want to know if he loves you.  You are feeling very sad and hurt and afraid to even speak of your hurt, that it isn’t politically acceptable or over burdening someone.  But you are allowed to be angry; you are allowed to be hurt.  You have permission to say, “I don’t want this to happen.”

Have you been subservient?  No, dear. But you have been allowing everyone else’s will to be heard and given time and space except you, yours.  What do you want, dearest one?  You want a partner, a being who wants to stand beside you, a being who wants to hold your hands and look into your eyes and see the love that you have for them.  You want to build an energy between you so this other being will hold and support you though great growth.

Do you really feel that you can put the worth of you into the hands of that one?  I fear you do not, my dear.  I fear that he would leave your trust and love on the kitchen table while he went out to find something for himself. No, blessed one, he does not take your love and light with him.  He is not a bad being.

You need to find what you need, blessed one, for you hold that great gift that a being would give you with such honour and trust. Bring them to your light.  Loving another being and trusting in that love is a great gift you give.  Honour it.

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