Lynne writes, “My question is about writing a book.  Should I write one and will anyone buy it?  I want to use my time wisely to enhance my income.  Thank you.”

Dearest Lynne, I cannot give you the plan–for that lies within you. I know you would like to know when, where, how and how much.  But, blessed one, you should write about that deep secret heart, that romantic being that lies within you. Don’t worry if anyone buys it.  Think about what it is giving you–a voice.  You worry about doing the wrong thing all the time, my dearest.  You always want to be right.  But in learning, it is often the wrong thing that teaches.  Dear one, you are not wasting time. Take time for you and do not be so judgmental upon yourself.  Soften. Soften up and enjoy your amazing abilities.  Sit back and see how truly blessed you are.