Pam writes, “This past year I have started communicating with animals.  I’m an astrologer, coach and dowser.  However, communicating with animals just makes my heart sing.  Sometimes I question if the information I am receiving is really coming from the animal that I am either talking to remotely or in person.  However, I trust what comes to me and always tell the owners everything I hear/intuit.

My question for you is: Am I really receiving this information from the animal?”  And have all the other things (feng shui, astrology and dowsing) led me to this new work that I am doing?

You have led you to this new work, dearest.   These are the things on your path.  They are wonderful things that have given you courage to be who you are.  Trust in that that you be, energies and ways that you could mould and move them.  But darling, you’ve been talking to animals since you were just a tiny thing. This is nothing new, just that you have more confidence in yourself now to speak of it.  Yes, you are hearing exactly what they are speaking.  It is hard for them to translate into your language but it isn’t really a language–you feel that you see and know what they are saying.  You are doing very well, my dearest.