Mariola  writes, “I lost my husband, due to terminal disease, six years ago. miss him terribly and love him very much. Please, tell me if he has any messages for my sons and I. Thank you from a bottom of my heart.”

Again we are posting two responses from different guides to Mariola’s question.  In the first answer, the guide we know as the professor starts by repeating the words from the husband, and follows with some advice.  The second response (in italics) is  from a gentle, female guide and offers additional information.

“Get a new car.  Don’t let them boss you around and I love you.”  Tell her to start finding fun as she is truly blessed in many ways.  Remember, she is a strong woman.

There is a being that wishes to express many things about this one of love, he wishes he would have expressed it more.  How grateful this one is towards her.  But he is not missing as he is very present.  There is great relief, clarity through this experience in this place of learning where this one dwells in.  There is not peace as you understand the word.  There is learning, growth and to make choices that are for yourself dearest wife and allow the children to grow and be that that they need to be.  There are other words about getting a car and fulfilling other duties, but these things are not of importance to him now, they may be to her.