Maurice writes, “My partner broke up with me after 8 years. He told me that he loves younger guys. It happened to me three times in my life now.  What am I doing wrong?  I’m in my 40s. Not to sound vain, but people find me very attractive. I don’t understand—I wish one day someone will love me for who I am and doesn’t worry about my age.

You are talking to a being that has lived thousands of physical years.  You are not too old my dear to love and to find love.   It is true there are certain conditions that are considered acceptable in your world—that is its alright to just go from one to another, hurting.  You’ve seen it so many times.  It doesn’t mean it is fair or right.

What you need to seek is someone more like yourself.  You are very much fascinated with the flashy beings.  Seek one with the same love of home and food and closeness that you have.  I know they often see you as someone solid and steady and so you attract these beautiful butterflies.  But in truth you need to find one that is solid.  You will dear.  Do not be afraid. It is not too late.  Forty physical years is truly nothing.  Your spirit years are much greater than this; that is what you are likely feeling.