Sending light and love to another

Barbara asks, “Will the person you send light and love to know where it is coming from? Perhaps an odd question but I often wonder if the loved one I think about is thinking about me as well when I send that love to that one. How do we pick up on vibrational messages?”

Yes, for you might think that the love and light although directed from you, came from you.  But all light and love comes from the one.  It hits a shiny star within your physical world and it is reflected out to those that it is meant. If you want that one to know you are sending love, use your words, your communication.  Do not be afraid of this.  Love is never a negative.  If the person rebukes it and does not accept it, they may not want it because of their own self doubt.  It is alright because love is the mother’s milk of your physical world.

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  1. Nancy September 26, 2010 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    Dear guides, I have been having problem with my health .
    I feel sick to my stomach like I am going to vomit and my stomach hurt so bad .Everytime I eat my stomach get very puffy and it hurt.My skin has acne like I never have before.I do not feel confortable to eat anymore it even hurt my back.
    I used to do hot yoga last year now I do simple yoga and some work out even that does not help.What is going on??

  2. Annonymous September 28, 2010 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    My dr wants me to be on cholesterol meds but I feel resistant as I don’t have the belief system they are of healing. Can you please tell me what my body needs for healing and balance now?
    I love this blog.

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