Notice the recurring patterns in your life

DSC03422I know that difficulties we face are for our growth, but I’m feeling overwhelmed in my life right now.

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That is life, my dear; that is your path. You have a choice to be overwhelmed or not. Know that there will be issues–which create growth. Free will, this is something you come into the world with. And in free will, it keeps you in this physical domain to fulfill your promises. These are tasks of learning that you have chosen. That’s the friction or the irritant that will cause you to move into those realms.

You’ll find if there is a recurring pattern in your path, in your life, that this is something that you need to move into to stop it from recurring. Or if it recurs only a few times, that it because there are different depths of learning that you need to go into to resolve it. You don’t resolve it as in it disappearing, but you absorb the energy and your vibration grows. You become heightened in vibration.

Every life has these things in it dear; none of them is a cakewalk.

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  1. wondering one March 19, 2015 at 12:17 am - Reply

    I am so worried that life as we know it on our planet is on the verge of collapse as we head into the second decade of global warming without anything significant being done to reverse it. Many people in the developed countries choose to look away from the problem, feeling that there is not much an individual can do without giving up their comfortable lifestyle. At the same time governments and corporations continue to expand fossil fuel extraction, making the problem ever worse.

    It’s become apparent that governments will not be taking this to reverse climate change as there is no budget or political will to do what has to be done. And governments are actually controlled by powerful corporations that care about nothing except profit from selling off all resources without any thought to the consequences to nature, societies or the planet.

    The capitalist system that makes decisions only on the profit that can be made is now in control in just about every country in the world and the corporations and the governments cannot see beyond that. I am convinced that this system needs to change—and quickly—if we are to have any hope of redeeming our planet. The visionaries David Suzuki and Naomi Klein are speaking out about this, as well as others—but many are not heeding their voices. My question is, how can we mobilize people to pay attention to this so that a groundswell of concerned people will make their voices heard—before it’s too late? And, is there any way a change like this can take place without bloodshed and chaos?

  2. JEP March 19, 2015 at 12:19 am - Reply

    Dear Guides,

    I have been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of the right knee, but in the past few years I have not experienced too much pain or difficulties, except for a gradual reduction in my distance walking. Now, however my knee is becoming more and more painful and I am also experiencing inflammation in the left hip and knee. Walking is a big part of my life and I do not want to give it up. It’s my understanding that the only “fix” for the right knee at this stage is a total knee replacement and I’m told that if successful I will be able to walk normally again.

    My question is whether there might be other ways to improve my mobility and decrease the pain while walking. I have been doing exercise including cycling and trying different types of pain medication. I am willing to do the surgery if it will help extend my years of walking, but I am nervous about such a major operation. Also, I wonder if there is a spiritual aspect to this condition. What am I meant to learn from this condition? Is there is anything I can do to improve my chances of increased mobility into my 70s and 80s? I will do it willingly.


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