Your promises at work

pathEllin – Can you tell me what my promises are for this lifetime and what I need to do to accomplish them and if I am on the right path?

Oh, lovely  one, if I were to tell you your promises it could take away from them if you can understand this. For, let me give you an example.

If I were to tell you your promise was to be a healer and you had chosen, to be perhaps a lawyer, you would not understand that even in being a lawyer you would be a healer.  You would think oh I must  change everything and perhaps waste a lot of time and effort and strength trying to find a way in some medical field.  You see, no matter what your promise is it will shine through whatever you choose to be.

It will come up again and again.  So, if you were that lawyer then you would find yourself having much more intensive communication with your clients helping them in ways that had nothing to do with the law.

So, I cannot tell you exactly what your promises are.  But I will tell you that if you look upon your path, and you see a recurring dream, or a theme, or a desire, then perhaps that is your promises.  Worry not of what they be, just act to your highest in every degree and you shall succeed.

It is an unwritten law, my dearest, that if you have chosen for yourself to learn certain things these things will come up over and over again on your path until you learn them, grow through them, or even turn away from them to yet again visit them  at another time.

How might you do everything right?  Well, dearest one, what is everything right?  Even sometimes a mistaken choice, or a choice that you feel you shouldn’t have taken, may have created for you the greatest learning of all of your choices.  Thus, making you wiser; thus, achieving your desire to grow.

You have amazing talents.  You are always there for people.  You are always helpful even though deeply inside you are very shy.  You’ve always wanted to do the best thing and often found yourself in positions where you had never chosen to be, but circumstances have brought you there.  So be it, my dearest.  These are your promises at work.  Bless you.

And so how do we know if we are on the right path?

If something is reoccurring with difficulty and you are not approaching it to how you know you should be approaching it, then you would know that you need to make some choices to change things.

Let me say this. Perhaps you are surrounded by beings that have addictive personalities, or something to that effect, and you instead of being open and honest and telling your truth are making it possible for them to carry on in their destructive method.  That would not be the right path for you.

Every being must be responsible for their own growth. Although we (guides) must be responsible for your growth in not allowing another’s growth to run over you.

I know it is difficult in your physical world.  Many times you love someone so  dearly, that you make it possible for them to be destructive on their path.  But you are not helping them and you are surely not helping you.  That is understanding where you be.

It is never a wrong path. It is just a state of no growth and that is not where you want to be.


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