Your path is your right path


Am I on the right path for helping myself and others to learn?

I know my child you are afraid to speak your complete truth.  You kid about it and make fun of it and say you have these feelings and have this desire and would it be alright to try a certain thing, or told them what you felt.  But whatever mode or method you must choose to find yourself, freeing yourself with the information you receive, or that great feeling of overwhelming love that needs to channel through you to another being, do it.  Find it.  You must tailor make it so that it fits you.  There is no one method, blessed one, to find out how you will show your world who you be.  And in that you will help many.

Try all things. Don’t be afraid of any of them from the ancient to the present many have found ways of reading so many different things.  You will open the wavelengths of love. Be not afraid, my dear.

Your path is your right path.  Follow your path.

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  1. Growing Soul December 10, 2013 at 5:38 am - Reply

    What to make of the increasing number of UFO sightings around the world? Many say that the E.Ts are here to help us take planet Earth to a new age. They have shut down nuclear power plants around the world. Some are even contacting them through meditation….This seems to be increasing now.

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