Your choices and what follows from them are your own growth

Cheenu writes:

What can I do for my father?  I want to help him but I get sad seeing his state.  He feels a self esteem problem in finding a job. What should I do to help him? Also, what is the purpose of my life?  How do you see me in coming years?  And  I want to be healthy and happy–will I be?

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you look to the one who goes before you, your father, for your own state as to how to be in your world.  And this causes you great frustration for many times you have felt wiser, and this one is not using what is at his fingertips to proceed.

Firstly, my blessed one, know that you are not responsible for anyone’s growth but your own.  Your own choices and the actions that follow are your own growth.  But this is not to say that you   cannot care and love deeply those that you have come to be with.  It is only love you can give this one.  And this one must find within himself love.  At this time it is true he feels exhausted by the physical world, lost and somewhat caught adrift.  But it is his own self that places himself in this state of thinking.  He has a choice at hand.

Blessed one, there are always choices at hand–for that is where you find your growth.  So, tell father to see his world and see his choices and to think of himself in charge of all actions that will put him in a better place. Even to the state of mind, he has a choice.

As you do dearest one, set forth on your own path to be that that you are.  And  understand that if there is someone who seems to set the pace or footsteps on the physical physical plane for you, you do not need to follow those.  Or you can step just a bit ahead of them for where you need to be.  Choose blessed one: who should you represent in your physical world, your father or yourself?   You shall know your truth.   Worry not.


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