Maurice writes:

Dear friends! I would like to know why I have so much problem finding someone to love. Sometimes I wonder if I am meant to be alone. If it’s that, I don’t mind.  I will accept it, but I only want to know.  Thanks.

The guide’s response:

Oh my little one, you want to always be prepared, take away and place that can be maybe, or the unknown.  You want to see how the magic is done so you are not surprised.  Blessed one, you can find love. Why wouldn’t you be allowed to have love for you are such a loving being?  You are so willing in all manner to help, to be, to assist, to show the light.  I know in the stillness of your being you are very lonely.  But you are very wonderful in that too.  You truly love your own company, but you share it not with others.  So remember there is a reason why you have not met a wonderful love and had it last for a long time.  For you do not show the gentleness, the all of who you be.  You are very entertaining, fun to be with, but also share that wonderful tender heart you have.  I will tell you, you will meet a love when you meet yourself, when you embrace the wonder of all of you.  There is no part of you that isn’t wonderful.  Even your very wondrous sense of humour is wonderful, but be not all of these things at first.  Allow the energy to grow between the two.  Be gentle loved one, be gentle.  You will find your love.