You must teach through your actions

An excerpt from a circle gathering some years ago when we asked a guide  about what we can do about environment disasters.  This was the response.

Believe in the plane you are on.  Trust in its strength.  Understand those that do not, that they be where they are for reasons too.  If you walk upon your path and see where you walk, that you do not crush the small flower, or break the tiniest shell or creature, then you show a very large picture to many.

Each of you has your hands in life, and affect other beings.  Like a ripple it grows larger.  Do not underestimate any of your purpose.  Yes, you are right–there are many things that can poison this gentle plane.  But there is purpose in it; there is a need to learn.

Not all beings have evolved to the understanding of the need to heal.  They have the right to harm–and you have the right to try to stop it.  This may seem unbalanced and not fair.  Yet you must teach through your actions.

You are in this life for a very great purpose–to be aware of all needs, of all purpose, from the wood that is cut and used and loved, to the water that is washed away.  They are tools for you to grow, to learn.

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