You must step into the flow of life to learn it

A conversation between Joanna and a guide in 1999

There are many new souls on your path right now.  There is an imbalance because there is not enough middle ground.  Do not worry because you will not go spinning off.  Many of the middle aged entities moved on to other realms.

Were they killed in wars maybe?

Yes, my dear.  The middle aged beings are often the ones doing the writing.  They are often the greatest politicians.  It is not good to be a leader of a country if you are a brand new soul.  And you are not a very effective one if you are an ancient one.  Oh, it is a magnificent tension.  I know you are weary of it sometimes but it truly is a magnificent place to learn.

Not all of the words of another will be the total truth for all.  Each person must actively search to find it for themselves.  They must take from here and there the parts that will make their quilt perfect.  Each person must be active in their participation of their quilt.  That it will not be presented to them that having a guide is not one who bestows but one who works with.  It is an act of communication very, very deep in the trust and the love of the beings.  And in time, it matures into a wonderful relationship, constant, a knowing.  Each person must be willing.  It is not placed upon you, but you choose. That in truth, there are no victims.  Even when one is in a position of being victimized there has been a choice that you have asked to learn.  It is a far leap of faith that this must take, but it is truth.

That even in the most negative there is great learning and that a being is always stronger.  Yes, always with time you will have this understanding, but it is always true.  Also, there must not be complacency.  This is not the same thing as taking time to breathe.  Complacency is sitting back.  It is watching instead of being. It is examining and hoping that in some way you can learn.  You must step into that flow of life to learn it.   You must be it, to learn it.   What does one learn by watching?  One remembers.  It is simply a key to the past of you.  You know very well there is a limited amount of time you can stay in that place or you will leave that realm to continue again.

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