Gayle – I feel I have made a mistake making a very important decision in my life. Can you provide some clarity? Is the voice in my head telling me my truth or is my judgment clouded with fear? I do not know how to proceed.

There are so many questions you have in your head, dearest one. Such a strong fear, desire to always be right that you often fear your own very growth, blessed one.  Choices.  Choices create the forward movement that is necessary.  You knew you needed to move forward.

You knew you needed to not be alone.  But you have wondered many times why you made the choice. Perhaps it is more the need to understand, do you trust yourself enough to trust in the choices you make.  Do you trust yourself to allow yourself the growth, the movement the love?  The assurance you need to know to embrace life.  Do not question all manner of actions to the point of complete paralysis.  Do remember being in a body.  You need to remind yourself that you are in one to rejoice in the wonder of the body, to laugh, to play, to dance.

Your thoughts are so constant that you weary yourself, right or wrong.  I want you to understand this question:  Are you the thought, or the thinker?  You are the creator of the thought.  You are the one who is judging is this right or wrong.  Is this situation right for me?  Should I have done this?  Am I being controlled by another?  Am I living another’s life instead of mine? You are the one thinking these thoughts instead of being.

You may believe I have answered your question with another question.  You want to know if the situation is right for you.  It is.  You want to know if this fear, the thoughts in your head is truth.  They are your fear.  That is truth.  What is a fear for you? Doing the wrong thing, wasting time, being controlled?  And yet you are trying to control your own life with such ferocity.  Release your tight grip, blessed one.  Have a good look and see why you have chosen this.

You need to be happy.  You need to find love.  In order to find love, you must be love.  Share yourself to show the love you are.  Practice this one, dearest one.  Every time you doubt, dissolve it and just stand and hold love. Every time you fear, tell yourself that you are safe, that you make clear choices, you know you are loved. Every time you have an expectation that doesn’t seem to be something you want, ask where it comes from.  And remember, you are the teacher of you.  You will learn love when you find you.  Bless you my child.