Worry about a mother who committed suicide


This question is from Nastassja.  She says her mother committed suicide in 2006 and she is worried that her mother may be trapped in a personal hell.   Even her dreams of her mom seem eerie and sad. She is so worried and just wants her mother to be ok.

Dearest Nastassja, your mother is in a time of great learning.  It is a time of calm and quiet, understanding every action that took place, her choices and her growth.  It is true that when she left she felt  great sadness at what she had done to her daughter.  But know that it is not a pain like what is felt in the physical world.  It is a higher pain but it is one that she can heal and grow through.  She has not communicated with her daughter for she feels she has harmed her.

In time, Nastassja, as you heal you will have communication and it will help both of you to grow and move forward.  In your dreams, dear child, it is your sadness you experience—for you are the creator of your dream.  You put the people in the positions to create the image of who they be, as an element of growth for you to pay attention to.  And you are in deep sadness, and you feel lost.

Know that your mother is not gone from you, know that the bond is still there.  But you even had confusion about this bond when your mother was in the physical life with you.  The one who leads you to the light has left, has taken an action that confused you.  Part of you wonders if that is what is for you.  No my child.  You must forage your own path.  You were often a mother to your mother—wiser than your years.  Take time to heal yourself my dearest.  Anoint your body with love that the universe has for you.

Beautiful words. Thank you.

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  1. Nastassja October 24, 2009 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    Thank you. This is the first time I’ve heard anything of her since she died. As long as she’s okay. Thanks again. I appreciate it so much.

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