Ziva writes:

I know I have grown over the past several years – I trust my instincts more and trust in the universe more, and I am happier than I have been in a long time. However, in response to a question I asked several months ago, you said that I keep some things hidden and protected, and that I need to understand what I fear – what knowing about myself could be fearful.

I have thought about this a great deal and still do not understand. I would like to continue on my spiritual journey of self-discovery of but I feel stuck. Can you offer any words of advice or wisdom to help me continue to grow?

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, it is not that you fear knowing about some part of you.  It is that a long time ago something occurred that made you fear so much that you have truly blocked it from your understanding, your conscious understanding.  It lies deep within the vibrational state of who you be, an ancient fear (from this life, not another).

To revisit it, to try to remember things, or perhaps in times of fear to ask yourself quickly: What am I afraid of?  What is presented here that brings some unknown un-vocalized fear within me?  This manifests in many different ways.  You are limiting that that you can and will be by not knowing about some part of you.  It holds you back from that that you be.

It is the same, my dearest one, as when some trauma occurs, and a scar forms over the trauma, so until the whole being becomes freed up with the scar tissue, it will not be whole.  It is not that you fear it with the conscious mind; it is the child mind within you that has the fear and holds you back.

I cannot give you the actual action for that would take from your growth and it would truly traumatize you in other ways.  So don’t feel that it is one thing or another.  Allow it to slowly move forward in your awareness that there is something you learned as a small child, some condition, that now holds you back from being what you truly are.  Bless you, you do radiate beautiful light.