Someone calling themselves “Funtastic” asks about Derrion Albert,  who was beaten and a video of the beating shown.  This person once experienced  being beaten  on the way home from school and doesn’t understand why God’s free will allows people to hurt one another.  He says, “even babies have no protection….” 

This being is asking, “Why do bad things happen?”

Do not blame it on God.  In your world, your great domain of learning and growing, there is good and bad–and both are good.  To understand this is difficult at times.  There are opportunities for growth; there are choices.  And in this there are variables, the very new and the evolved beings, and how their choices affect others and their own growth.  God didn’t want this child to be beaten.  God wants this child to grow, to evolve, to be strong, to do what it came to do.

You have in your world right now many beings that theorize, that have made statements of why one thing happens over another thing.  Trust that one thing is sure in this physical world: that there will always be some negative.  It is the creator of growth.  Why was the child in that position?  Because this is a wise and loving being; one who would love to offer up promises for others to grow through.  Not all are this strong or wise.

There are many words written down and the common thread is that even through great love there are times of growth and times of difficulty.  Trust my children, that both are necessary.  It doesn’t mean you dwell on the negative; you live in the power of the positive, that you move through it drawing to you only that of the light, that of love.

When you fear or are worried you draw that to you.  You’re not looking, you’re not aware, you’re not witnessing your life, you’re looking down instead of out.

Live in the light of love.  Look outward.  Trust that only goodness shall follow you.  For it is with this understanding that you will look on those difficulties as a time of growth.  You will give yourself the ability to step out of this life and witness its amazing path.  You yourself experienced a miracle, and at this time you see only this pain.

I am not scolding you my child.  It is a difficult time to live—but a wonderful time to live.  Trust.  You are loved.  You are not alone.