Wondering if the promise with another is complete

Tyler writes:

I had a bond with Marie which I feel was my soulmate but we broke it off brecause of addiction and fighting.  To this day i miss and love her. It’s been a year and I want to know if we have a future together. I still love her, we understood each other and had an unbreakable bond (unless you count are alcoholic mishaps). I hope we can heal our past and move forward but I don’t even know where she lives.  I  know I love this woman and I want to be with her. Should i move back to the kootenays to find her or are we done?  Please give me some guidance on what to do with myself.  I feel like we’ve probably spent past lives together and if that’s the case I want to make it right this time around.  Give me the wisdom that will settle my soul so I know what next move I need to make. Thank you and I will burn sage in thanks for  your response.


The guide’s response:

Blessed Tyler, that that was, was.  Who you are now is new.  You have the  ability to see that when you were with this one, there was goodness, but there was also a very familiar negativity that you even found comforting.  You have grown.  To go back there to where those familiar things are would not help your growth forward.  It would put you in a place of no growth and it would soon become quite uncomfortable for you.

When you think of this being surround this one with white light and ask that she find a power to move forward as you do.  That perhaps in time when both are whole, you could meet in a new understanding.  Know that that you seek now with her is an old way; there are too many familiarities and old comforts there for you now.  It would be too easy for you to choose again that that you chose then.

You saw the goodness in that being and you are now beginning to see the goodness that is in you.  Move forward, lovingly.  You did have a bond with this one.  You are not a soul mate but you have lived lifetimes before.  The promise with this one is now complete. You might believe that because there was negativity involved that it is incomplete.  But not so, blessed one.  What  was needed to be learned, was brought forward.  And that is why you are so wise to see this one and love them greater than their actions were, and loving yourself greater than your actions were.

So, trust that you came together to be with that one to grow. And you did so.  And now seek that that is yet to be, that that is ahead on your path, to love.  I know you feel lonely.  Even for those times filled with confusion.   So your conscious mind seeks this confusion to find comfort. But you need it not.

Your spirit being, your wise being, allow it to go to the place of union with the wonder, the sweat lodge, the ocean, upon the natural ground.  Seek.  There are many old ways in which will help you.  You are a teacher.  You may not understand this now.  You are working to find your understanding, your expression in a way to display it to your world.   I will tell you one thing:  that you will teach that that you have lived.  Bless you my child for you are a great spirit.

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