Wondering how to know when to let go of efforts with an older cat


G asks how to control phosphorus, potassium, and other levels in her older cat. She is also wondering how to know when to stop all efforts and let him pass?

Dearest one, remember what this lovely little being’s purpose in life is: unconditional love. So simply love this one. Make sure there’s lots of fresh water. Let the water sit for a while. Make sure the being has fresh food, but don’t force things that it does not wish to eat.

These creatures truly feel all stress and feelings that they are in the presence of. This one knows when you are not happy or are worrying, and loves it when the two of you can just have a time to purr together.

This one will pass when this one needs to. As to letting go, it’s more of an accepting. But as you know, all beings in the physical domain have a time-limited presence. There would be no room if they stayed forever. So accept that this little one’s offering to you is unconditional love. And be, my dear.

So it sounds as though you’re saying that she shouldn’t work to control these levels in the blood?

No, she shouldn’t work too hard to do that. There are many things in your world that are offered to you now. But this is a natural process, and truly having the being calm and relaxed doesn’t stress the liver. And the blood levels will be what they need to be.

You have a world where tests can be done and things can be found out, but it doesn’t mean you should do anything about that. I know you all have this through your love of your pets, ones you want to hold forever. You know, they have no fear but they feel yours. So just be. Receive from them the love and the joy and be. These small creatures are pure light, pure love. They don’t come to be miserable. They come to make you joyful.

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