Kora   writes:

Thank you for your help with D. Is there any chance for a romantic couple relationship in the future with this person or is this a non-possibility not worth fantacizing about and better left alone?

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, I know you want a straight answer, but do you know that I cannot give you a straight answer here?  For many things must be your own growth, your own choices. You already know that that relationship was poisonous, not healthy.  Should you choose to pick it up again?  It would have to be right for you.  So, you must ask yourself this:  Did you grow and learn from it?  Yes.   Could you still have your choice?  Would it be painful?  Up to you.  But I thank you for trying to get a straight answer.  Bless you my child.  You believe, you love, you are a romantic.  But remember, that loving yourself and giving yourself the greatest gift, is you to someone else.  So, be that that you are.