Inquiry about a missing brother

Jan Wong writes:

I have not had contact with my brother for many years.  He suffers, I believe, from drug abuse and his life has spiralled downwards.  I recently tried to find him but have not had any success. Will I be able to find him or has he left this physical world?  He has children who would like to trace him.

The guide’s response:

To you my blessed one, to understand your part in this, is to speak of the brother you know to the children that seek.  To not search, but to be in the moment, for that is where the growth lies.  What is important for all of this at the moment is about the growth.  The children need to find what you can tell them.

You mean how she knew him?

Yes, don’t talk about the difficult times, about the drugs.  Talk about the brother that you know.

There is a reason that a brother decides to get lost.  There is a reason for this and it is not up to you or the children to try to undo this at this time; but to know that that is.  That that was.

So they shouldn’t continue trying to find him?

Oh yes they should, that is part of the process but in that search they must find who they believe him to be.  For that is who he is.

Is he still on the physical plane?

I am not going to say that now.

OK, thank you.

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