Asking for understanding about a feeling of sadness

Ann writes:

I am blessed with family and friends and workmates. Not always, but often I feel alone even amongst those that I care about. When I was little I used to sit at my window looking at the stars where I felt I belonged. This time in body, why do I feel this sadness, is it carryover from many past lives or is this from hanging on to disappointments experienced in this life? How can this sadness be healed or released. I am very thankful and await your message.


The guide’s response:

When you were very small physically, and you looked outward to the light, the light that you knew, the communion, the union, that pure, pure light–that light is you, blessed one.  The sadness is that you have not understood you yet.  It is not an action. It is being.  You think of this as a verb but it is a noun.

You seek you, the light that you are.  You feel sadness in seeking it and ask yourself why.  Old souls are often disappointed with the physical world at first, until they understand what they have come to do.  Although never having total clarity of their actual purpose they will be drawn in to situations to help many.  It is not that you need to make the many happy, it is that you need to help them to grow.  Whether they understand this as happy or painful, is their choice, as it is yours.

So you think you have a choice in the sadness.  Yes, you do.  Choose the wonder of you.  Share your brilliant light and your belief in the magic of it all with others.  Don’t be weighted down by the non-directional talk of much of what is happening.  Listen and also understand that each being relays this story for a purpose, for them to be in touch with their understanding or sadness.

The many layers of your physical world all have purposes to come to the one.  Be not sad and understand that you are one of many that are very confused right now.  Seek clarity and seek calm amongst many. You will help the many and yourself.

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