At this darkest time of the year when we pause to celebrate the returning of the light and the seasonal festivals, we asked the spirit guide if she had any messages for us and the readers of this blog.

Here is the reply:

Remember to seek, to ask,
to hold open your heart for the growth that is there for you.
See growth as a blessing in all of its forms.
Your learning is never a waste; it is a wonderful gift to yourself.

Enjoy the time of celebration, of wonder, with every single second of the physical domain.
This time is a blessing.

If you can hold your growth in a moment of light and love each day,
you can remember the time of celebration
(for whatever the celebrating is for) and have it for you.

See you as the blessing…
as the lighting of the light, the carrying of the torch, the lighting of the oil.

If you hold the light in the creation of all that is possible,
if you hold God for your power of light (or mother energy, or Allah, or whatever form), remember that you hold the life…
And all of the miracles will be.

Bless you all in your wonderful walks of life and love.