Will our world have greater equality?

povertyThere is so much inequality in our world on so many different levels, particularly the material world.  Do you have a sense if our world will have a greater equality?

My dearest one, middle-aged beings love wealth and they will always love it for it is part of their learning.  Ancient beings do not have a high regard for it; they will know its purpose and not need of it.  And the new ones?  Well, they are the experimenters.  They will attain it and lose it and they will throw it around and then cry about it.

You will not see a time whether there isn’t a great span. There will always be divisions for they are the great teaching tools.   You are the creators of your own learning.  Equality is in the fact that all beings are learning.  No one is at the head of the pack and no one is at the last, all together and yet each individual, as beautiful and radiant.  No one is better than the other.  Be where you are blessed one.

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