Wikileaks, the overturn of souls, and President Obama

H   writes:

I’d like to ask the Guides what information they can share with us on the Wikileaks issue?

The guide’s response:

This is the time.  You are living in the time of the overturn of souls.  It is very important to remove the veil. This is a time where you will see all sorts of exposure to all things that were that will no longer be acceptable. It is the maturation of the soul at hand and it is a very wonderful thing. The old school, the new souls that are clinging to secrets and holding power over another–this is a dying thing right now.  Of course, you will see issues and fighting and upheavals and trying to quiet them.  And you can’t undo once it has been released.  And there is more yet to be released.  And there is wisdom in what they are doing;  they are not trying to cause harm.

Joanna:  Yes, and yes the old guard thinks…

Guide:   They are creating their own harm out of fear, out of what they have done.  But secrets have never created great growth.  There will be more of this.

Donna:  May I ask about President Obama, because recently the Republicans have a majority in the US House of Representatives.  Is this what you speak of?  They even want to get rid of the affordable health care now for all Americans.

Guide:   Yes, it is bringing it all to the forefront.  It is bringing the actual issues in front of the people that have chosen this so that they will see this does not work.  This does not help mankind.  All of mankind, whether it be in that country or all over your sphere.  You are at a time of great need for the ancient ones to teach again.  And, yes, he is an ancient one. And he, in his gentle, beautiful way, is teaching.

Donna:   President Obama?

Guide:   Yes.  And he has many new souls kicking at his heels.  But in his wonderful light he embraces them all.  He sees no difference, only that goodness must come out of it.

Joanna:   He is amazing.

Guide :   Yes, I believe he is.

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