D writes:

A while back I asked about moving and the guide offered then it may not be the best time. Is it now? I am considering moving and living with relatives and wonder if this is optimal for me and my family members. I’ve had a bit of a red flag recently. Also, will this physical move and shared residence provide the comfort and security my daughter is in need of? So thankful for your guidance.

The guide’s response:

Yes, you are seeking answers for things that are not your responsibility, my dearest.  But, great mother owl that you are, you stretch out your wings and they run to hide in them.  Is it wrong to live together?  No.  For many, many ancient ones did this over and over again and you have done so in many lifetimes.  You are wise to know that your family members are responsible for their own growth and you for yours.  Make it very clear that they are responsible for their own growth, all, even the smallest.

Because this action is already put in place, you do not see a way of withdrawing and nor do you want to.  But you fear being controlled and losing your chances for love, for light.  No, dear, you have not lost any chances.  You worry that once again you are stabilizing and will they stay stable.  You worry how many times will you do this before they are ready to launch from the nest.  It is a different time.  Where there is love, there is growth.  They are not allowed to hide under your wings.  We cannot take the mother out of you though, dearest.