A six year old is asking when the first human was created

ExploreHello – my inquisitive six year old grandson is asking when the first human was created and how.   He thinks humans were created from the earth when volcanoes were very active.  I appreciate your guidance as this grandma didn’t know how to answer this question.  Thank you!~

Blessed grandma, humans were created when all beings, more than one cell began to divide and multiply and a separate little being arose itself out of the water and into the mud and many centuries later out of the mud and onto the grass. And many centuries later, of your time, then started to realize they needed other things to eat besides grass.  And so, the cells divided and multiplied and thus what you think happened in a second, happened over many centuries. The physical beginning began. 

But the spirit which holds that being together and is created now, began before it left water.  For the spirit that charges all of you, everyone of us, myself included, is from a greater source than the physical domain.  He is not ready to hear all of this, but speak in a way that it is true, it was warm, there were volcanoes and there still are.   And there is still the essence of the physical body that dwells in the ocean.  They will come to this one day.  They will create the cells, they will use energy, and stimulate certain proteins, but those will not have spirit. 

Do not speak of all of this to your beautiful grandson.  But say to him, yes, it did begin and they were wondrous.  They are separate things, beautiful things.  Each creature has its own presence, each creature has some energy and that is what moves all of you.  He is too young to try to understand that the physical world is simply energy, all moving at different ranges.  He might find fearful that, so don’t speak of these things.  Let him think the Mother earth will support him and he will heal it as it heals him.  Bless you for asking.

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