What is my soul’s purpose and life’s path?

Sent in through my website, this person’s question asked, “What is my soul’s purpose and life’s path?”

This is how the Guide replied:

Your life path is the one that you are present in now. You have promises. They constitute a great deal of learning. I suppose you would call your soul purpose learning and growth. As to your promises, these are not made clear to you until you have pretty much finished with them. I know my dear that you want to have facts and figures, that it would be simpler just to fit yourself into a little niche that would be you. Blessed one, as you have walked upon this physical plane you have become greater and greater. No one small category can contain you; so do not expect one simple thing to be part of you.

Do you understand what a kaleidoscope is? For if you look through the myriad of rainbows of colours, and shine light on them, they change into a million different patterns. Each element could represent a promise, an element of growth, of learning. This is what you be. Shine the light or the love of who you be, within your understanding, within your choices and Being—and you will be a myriad of growth, of opportunities to learn.


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