happyGuides, I do not have a child yet but planning to…. Did you mean I should not in the near future…? I know I have a purpose to help others, but I still need more time on knowing exactly what and how… Hence I would like to focus on my career and fixing things as much as possible at work as of now. I love the company but not the team I work with and could also get better work. I am trying for an internal transfer within the same company and also sorting things out with my current manager… Please guide.

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Such a worrisome one you are. That being (spirit guide) was simply saying to you all that is present, all the things that are at hand for you, even though you are thinking to believe that the choices you make just pertain to one thing.

Since you gave carte blanche to that being, they spoke completely and openly of all things that were at hand and what do you really believe is most important.

When you find as you are going on your path and there seems to be one roadblock after another, or one negativity after another and you stop and you examine it and understand, you will wonder,  is it my own actions, or the actions of another? Or perhaps you are you standing under a banner that no longer fits who you be.

In other words, you say that this place of work is a place you want to be in, so be it.  And choose to find another avenue away from those whose politics and speaking and ways are not appropriate for your being.

But you do know that this is just busy thinking.  There are other things at hand and that is why that being spoke it to you.  Evolved beings such as yourself often will have a much greater picture and promises to fulfill than the small details, which you might see as mountains at this time.  They are part of a greater picture, part of a choice that affects a large picture.

So, choose to go sideways even though you might feel a little bit of a deep motion.  It is true it will be that.  The motion is forward and this is sideways.  And you can choose this for a while, but will it make you happy?  What is happy to you?  Is it following the rules of others, or following that that you be?

You are a strong being, you always have.  You get very angry with yourself when you follow the rules of others and it affects you in a great deal.  Oh, I don’t mean just the rules of being safe and fulfilling a need.  I mean living under their choices and not having a voice of your own.  This you must consider in all of your choices.

You are much too evolved to be given this way or that way. You have the information at hand. You don’t want to hear what I speak, but it is truth.  You must choose, blessed one.

And yes, there is a child waiting to be.  Is that the most important thing?  It is up to you.  I know the side of you that would like to run from all of this.  I know the side of you that would like to just surrender and not think any more. Why would you have both sides?  They create friction which creates growth.  That is what lies at hand, my dear, the growth and the choice that will come out of this.

Don’t be afraid. Speak to those that you believe are wise but choose upon your own belief and your own needs.