Jessie asks about someone named Frank.  She says, “I was involved in a relationship with this being and it has now come to an end. Although I feel a loss in my soul, I feel I needed to let go. I want to love him but he is not ready to receive love from anyone. I fear he repeats the same mistake over and over again and I want to help him to see his worth and to find his way. Please tell me how the spirits can help him or how I can if possible. 

Indeed, it must be the entities that surround him that help.  It is not her responsibility to do so.  If she is frustrated with this, tell her to send her love, to focus it, to envision him in white light, happy, making the choices he needs to.  Dearest Jessie, I know you want him to want you, to need you.  But you need to take time now to allow, to strengthen your being, to radiate out that that you are and find the love that will fill your heart.

May I say one more thing to this dear Jessie?  When a bond is made with one in the physical world, or in spirit, and one chooses to not be in their physical presence any longer, it does not mean the bond diminishes.  In truth, it is still there.  It changes and grows. This is one of the most common things in the physical domain, to create growth.  It is not surprising that she still loves him and wants him to do well.  Part of her wants him back and part of her does not.  But she cannot be responsible for him and the choices he must make.  In other words, she cannot grow for him.