1SleepingCG – How can I best help the cat spirit in my home and how to do it?

Dearest one, you know the answer, to love it, to acknowledge it.  When you feel it across your bed, or brush by your face, say hello, welcome.  That is all.

You know, my dearest one, you say many things that you believe are truth.  But you have not found your truth yet.  You say you do not like people.   Oh my dear, you have helped the injured and the sick and you are now afraid of them, for you are afraid to be seen by them.

An action that has happened in a past existence that you felt was your fault.  It wasn’t.  But you have turned it now into a fear of helping others that you hold a responsibility that you do not want, that you are afraid of.

Allow yourself the freedom that you have the capacity of love for others and let it just float through you. Do not instantly judge what is, or isn’t you.

There is much about you, you have no idea about.  Try not to be so concrete about things.  There is no right and wrong.  There is only right.  When you make a rule you know that someone will bend it.  And that is the glory and wonder of living in the physical world.