Alida wonders why she cannot get close to her spirit guide. She says, “My spirit guide, One Feather, is at times very easy to walk up to and speak to in my dreams. But at other times I see him from a distance such as across a stream and I can not get any closer. I can still hear him just as clearly but why the distance? He is wonderfully strong and when I am close to him I awaken with a lot of energy and I want him close all the time. Is there a reason for the distance? And is it possible to get too much energy from a spirit guide?


The distance my blessed one is because it is time for you to do your work. They will stand and be so patient waiting, like the most loving parent. Hoping that you will make the right choice and ready to scoop you up if you don’t. There is nothing that you need to fear about that feeling of quiet and peace. It is their energy holding the space for you as you grow. It is love my dear, just soak it up and trust that you will make the right choices.