Use of a Ouija board to connect to the other side


K – I was recently playing with an ouiji board and was feeling a bit uncomfortable in this communication. I didn’t get it to move. How can people use it to connect with other dimensions or ghosts, or loved ones on the other side?   Why are people afraid of it?

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When this is used, often times, there are large group of beings with many people involved and there is an energy that is created that would be chaotic.  But it is just simply a tool, a form to find communication with those that be present and in spirit.  Many times people simply want a confirmation of their own understanding and it is given through their own energies into that whether you use the upturned glass, the crystal.  There are so many I could not even begin to speak of all of them from bones, from lumps on the head, to lines on the hands and feet.

There are many ways to try to read into that that is and there you can find your communication and that that you be of and that that you believe in shall pull from it.  If you believe there is evil, you will find yourself very frightened.  If you believe that there is only peace and love and light you will find yourself full of information.  But the true high beings very seldom speak through those things but they do need to speak through your heart.

Now if you were, on a solitary basis, sat with the ouiji, or the upturned glass, or the crystal, or whatever and you sat alone and asked your questions and you not only observed but listened, in time, you will hear.  And it would not be your voice but the voice of some great love, a being of light and you may at first just cry, or feel  giggly and full of light.  It is just another way to try to develop a form of communication.  Ancients believed that these are of the negative, or perhaps some evil force.  That was an element of control, a fear that you must only listen to one voice.  And that is true, it should be your inner voice.

If someone wanted to connect and did not have any experience other than hearing their own voice, would this be useful?

If you sit before it and you speak your truth, that you ask of your guides, those beings of light to use this form to communicate to you and you trust and open your heart, yes.  Now, if you sit there and your heart is thrashing and you are terribly afraid that some being you have known and might come through and scare the b-jeebers out of you ; that will happen.  You see, it is under the light in which you use anything from ouiji boards to money.  The energy you give it is the energy you receive.

The power of who you be is unbelievably strong.  I say “unbelievably” because most of you do not believe how strong you are, the power of you.  It is not wise, perhaps, for children to use these things until they understand who they be. They should ask their guardian angels, their guides of light and love for help.  And they should understand help comes in many forms, but to be aware that it will come.


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